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God, the Perfect Peace-Giver

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“The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in You.”

– Isaiah 26:3

When someone is steadfast, he will demonstrate a sense of loyalty and a state of fixedness.  A steadfast mind is one that focuses on God and has the ability to see situations or circumstances in God’s perspectives.  In reality, our minds dictate our actions and attitudes. In the midst of our trials and temptations, what do we allow to go through our minds? Do we still remain loyal to God and fix our eyes on Him? 
When there is steadfastness of mind, God will keep us in perfect peace.  It means God will guard, preserve, protect or watch over us. The word ‘perfect’ does not appear in the Hebrew Bible.  The connotation of perfect is one of completeness and so is peace Shalom. The double usage of completeness is to ensure us the peace that God grants is the best.  
How are we able to experience this perfect peace? We must have a steadfast mind and trust in God. By trusting in God, we acknowledge his sovereignty and power. Only then, we will be able to experience God’s perfect peace.

Father God, thank you for being our perfect peace. No matter what situations we face in our lives, we desire to be steadfast and continue to
trust in your goodness. Not only will we enjoy perfect peace from you, you alone indeed are our perfect peace. Continue to keep us in your peace
through our ups and downs in life. We want to fix our eyes on you instead of allowing our faith to waver. Help us to be true and loyal to you.
In Jesus’s name,